Digging Ditches

Elders would say

Get your education or find your trade

Do not be that ditch digger there

Bent over in the rain and mud

Dark lines dripping with sorrow

I do not want to end up there


So that, that drives us and makes us do

Up and down as life will go

We create our boundaries at its ditches edge

Like a forbidden land beyond control

What kind of person would want to go


Is there something in us that seeks the edge

In what we do and what we get

How far we look and what we see

Is what we give and what we get


When all is done and roads lead home

Standing with shovel over the garden ditch

Is all you can hope and all you'll be


Sun over head

No fear of the edge

Its just a place the mind will make

To bide its time

Until you awake


  mhogan - 2016